Mermaid's Wrath
What is it?

Mermaid's Wrath is a total overhaul of the English language voices of World of Warships. Containing everything from Quick Commands and Torpedo Warnings to PvE Operations and even the Tutorial~! Love the aesthetic of the Haifuri/ARP/Azur Lane characters but can't understand Japanese? Do you just want a soft, feminine voice warning you about your ship being on fire? Or do you just want to replace the hammy acting of the PvE Operations? We’ve got you covered with over 1000 voiced lines of dialogue! We’ve also branched into crew portraits and even changed the captain names~!

How does it look like?
United Kingdom
New Zealand

Dragons (historic)
High School Fleet
HSF (historical)
Arpeggio of Blue Steel
ARP (historical)
Azur Lane
Azur Lane (historical)
What changed?
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    1.00 - Initial Release, 481 lines replacing all vanilla dialogue
    1.01 - Edited 3 lines relating to Raptor Rescue PvE Operation
    1.15 - Edited 97 lines for Received Quick Commands and Aegis Operation, and added an additional 165 Received Quick Commands!
    1.16 - Edited 5 lines relating to Aegis PvE Operation, and fixed one that was misplaced
    1.50 - Massive overhaul and recoding due to the 0.6.13 update, includes test of the new sound formatting and compression for enhanced quality
    1.60 - Added 235 lines to Received Quick Commands~!
    1.61 - Aessaya derped the last patch, fixed now~! Silly programmer, no snacks for you!
    2.00 - Added 169 new lines to most generic dialogue. Swapped out a dismissed VA for two actresses and refined the formatting of all files
    2.1 - Added 77 lines for voiced game tips (doesn't seem to be active in the client yet, but we're already ready for it), also reworked the Operation “Raptor Rescue” for 0.7.7.
    2.11 - Updates/fixes for the returned Operation “Dynamo”
    2.2 - Added 80 new lines for increased variety.
    2.25 - Added 196 quick command response lines by Tiffany Grant.
    2.26 - CV rework fixes for missing/moved lines.
    2.27 - CV rework fixes for scout plane and catapult fighter lines.
    2.3 - 42 replacement lines for fighter planes and scouts, both CV and ship consumable.
    2.3a - fixes for scout/fighter plane destroyed lines being replaced by vanilla ones.
    2.4 - Added 101 new and remastered lines for all carrier aircraft.
    2.5 - Fully reworked operation Narai, now with a lot more variety!
    2.5a - Update for WoWS 0.8.8. Some things may be still broken.
    2.6 - 189 new observer lines for spotted ships to replace the old ones.
    1.0: Initial release, replaces all captain portraits
    1.1: Portraits that were doubled-up have been replaced by variants from the same country. And Unique Captains have been added
    1.2: Added Roulette and Angela
    1.3: Added 9 Sci-fi April Fools captains
    1.4: Name replacement added, in manual form via the usual drag-and-drop raw files, and in an automatic form via an executable program (instructions included)
    1.5: Changed Kappa to Soup-chan (until we find a suitable replacement), added Dasha Perova as a Soviet unique commander and changed Kirishima (Bear) into an Otter~!
    1.6: Added 7 new Unique Commanders
    1.7: Added 1 new Unique Commander
    1.8: Added 7 Azur Lane captains
    1.9: Changed 21 existing portraits to reflect their source material and added optional file to change all 29 anime captains to new characters in historical uniforms
    2.0: Added 3 Argentinian Commanders for Pan-American tree (several others in reserve for future expansion)
    • Added the Dasha to the set (Civilian costume for standard mod, Military uniforms for the historical pack. Separate option for Dasha in uniform if you'd rather have that but don't want the baggage of the other historical portraits).
    • Updated Space Captains for the Arsenal versions, replacing the non-humanoid Birrin and touched up some of the other portraits.
    • Replaced Dasha's Russian Premium Captain with Valeriya Tsygankova (WG Dev, St. Petersberg).
    2.2: Added Halloween and Event captains. Dasha-only and Historical portrait packs have not been changed.
    • Added Supertest Captains “Luna Unique” and “Lert D. Fuzzball”
    • Added Pan-Asian Unique Captains “Liu Yang” and “Yi So-yeon”
    • Added Osaka and Inuyama Unique Captains for the Oshiro Project crossover
    • Added Female portrait for Dusty Rhodes
    • Shuffled standard captains to include MinaMinaVA, Samantha-Chan, Tiffany Grant, Kira Buckland and Lisa Muller
    2.4: Added 2 new Space Captains.
    2.5: Added 8 new Azur Lane portraits.
    2.6: Added replacement captain for Nikolay Kuznetsov – Anna Shchetinina.
    2.7: Added 18 captains for the “Rogue Wave” event and 2 community captains.
    2.8: Added 5 new premium captains and fixed an error in packaging that resulted in Azur Lane's captains being in historical uniforms by default (Chobittsu is a silly squid).
    2.9: Added 3 Austro-Hungarian captains, 3 Dutch captains, and 1 speedy French unique captain – Sophie St. Terrible (replaces Philippe Auboyneau).
    2.9.1: Fixed errors on Dutch and Austro-Hungarian portraits.
    • Added Halloween 2019 captains and Italian Special captain.
    • Optional “Historical Pack”, however only Dasha, Azur Lane, Rogue Wave and Halloween 2019 captains are complete so far
    • Added 8 Black Friday captains in snazzy leather jackets.
    • Added Chinese New Year captains Sun Wukong & Zhu Bajie.
    • Added two unique captains; Priscila Zeller (replaces Lutjens) and Crystal Poxon (replaces Cunningham).
    • Begun resizing and centering all images to a slightly larger 240x221 for standardization.
    • Begun invasion of the loading screens.
    • Begun running low on arbitrary version numbers.
    2.9.4: Added Vikings Swedish Captains.
    2.9.5: Added Monaghan, Amanda Kvist, and Malgo.....gorzaaata...... bre...z........ummm.... Polish cutie.
    2.9.6: Added 4 Germans, 4 Sweeds and 3 useless submarine captains.
    2.9.7: Minor Factions Update #1~! Complete overhaul of Pan-Euro, Pan-American and Commonwealth captains from the ground up with 37 new captains covering 11 nations! As well as a whopping 402 edits and fixes to the existing captains so they better fit with the latest UI updates, and a whole new rank system to make it easier to tell at a glance which of your captains are standard, advanced or unique! Added: 9 new unique Royal Navy captains, 2 new Royal Navy premium captains (Helen Sharman, Elizabeth Mary), 10 new winter folklore captains, added a buncha numbers that make no sense cause I'm trying to pad the stats until we reach v3.0.
    Crew Names Tool
    1.0: Initial Release, automatically replaces crew captain names with female versions
    1.1: ...some things that Aessaya says are “Magic” and I have no idea what cause Saya really sucks at explaining these things.... XD
    1.1.1: Just general housekeeping for 0.7.4
    1.1.2: Just general housekeeping for
    1.1.3: Just general housekeeping for 0.7.5
    1.1.4: Some changes to support v1.9 of the portrait mod
    1.1.6: Updated to support v2.0 mod, with all new Pan-American crew names. Also skipped a version for some reason, it was possibly sacrificed to the kraken.
    1.1.7: Updated to support name changes and new captains in the v2.1 mod.
    1.1.8: Updated to support name changes and new captains in the v2.2 mod.
    1.1.9: Updated to support name changes and new captains in the v2.3 mod.
    1.1.10: Updated to support name changes and new captains in the v2.4 mod.
    1.2: Wargaming broke the Magic™. We fixed it.
    1.2.1: Updated for the 2.6 of captains portraits.
    1.2.2: Updated for the 2.7 of captains portraits.
    1.2.3: Updated for the 2.8 of captains portraits.
    1.2.4: Updated for the 2.9 of captains portraits.
    1.2.4: Updated for the 2.9.2 of captains portraits.
    1.2.5: Updated some missing names.
    1.2.6: Updated for the 2.9.3 of captains portraits.
    1.2.7: Updated for the 2.9.4 of captains portraits.
    1.2.8: Updated for the 2.9.5 of captains portraits.
    1.2.9: Updated for the 2.9.6 of captains portraits.
    1.3.0: Wargaming broke the Magic™ again. We fixed it, again.
    1.4.0: Updated the Magic™ to work better with the future releases of WoWS client.
    1.4.1: Small Magic™ fix to work with new res_mods folder layout.
    1.4.2: Fixed the Argentinian captain names that got broken in patch
    1.4.3: Updated for the of captains portraits.
    0.1: Initial Release, based off the forum thread in style.
    0.2: Updated color palette throughout the entire page, changed font to “Work Sans”, and replaced staff section single big images with proper image and text content. Plus some minor adjustments here and there.
    0.21: Replaced the mod trailer with a new one, also updated the “How can you help?” section with Patreon information.
    0.22: Updated the “Who's in it?” section.
    0.23: Minor tweaks to text.
What do we need to do?
  • New Mod Showcase Videos
  • More of the basic lines that are often used, such as fire and flooding alarms, and ship sighting callouts.
  • More PvE Operations~! Cherry Blossom and Hermes Operations will arrive once we have the right scripts ready
  • Complete unfinished branches of portraits; Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.
How does it work?

As it is with most mods, it's pretty simple: download, unpack to your WoWS/bin/highest_number_folder/res_mods folder, and you're (almost) ready! Special note regarding the historical portraits optional add-on: it requires the base portrait mod pack, then extract it on top over the base mod and confirm overwriting of any files that cause collisions.

Once installed, do not forget to select "Mermaid's Wrath" from the voiceover modification menu in the WoWS settings, Audio tab.

Audio settings screenshot

But of course, there's a little bit more to that than just that. We're going to sort that out once everything is back up and running properly. Please stand by!

Where do you get it?

Eventually we're going to have a nice installer program for the pack, but for now we'll have to do with the separate part download links for manual download, you can find these below.

Who's in it?
Staff header
Aessaya - Programming, NA Distribution, Webmaster
Chobittsu - Director, Asset Developer
FPS Liverpool - EU Distribution
Actresses header

Anna spends most of her time flooding her Youtube channel with MLP and Disney song covers and practicing for her shot at making a place for herself as an upcoming star of the voice-acting scene.

She forms the backbone of the mod, providing several voices for the roles ranging from gunnery crews to consumable notices!


In the far-off land of The United Kingdom you will find a hard-working actress named Eileen. There isn't a character under the sun she can't do an impression of, and is especially well-known for her MLP voicework, such as Button's Mom in JenAnimations' “Button's Adventures”.

She can be found in the mod zipping around as the voice of your carrier torpedo bombers.

Melissa Morgan
Melissa Morgan

It's not often you get to work with someone of such professional caliber, I was lucky enough to be able to work with Melissa twice now and she never disappoints.

Even while managing her own freelance work and her side-job with Planet Dolan, Melissa was able to take some time from her busy schedule to appear several times throughout the mod as a flag officer.


Probably one of the most prolific of the Mermaid's Wrath cast, Megami has voiced for games, anime dubs, is a member of Team Four star and has had professional training by such greats as Chuck Huber, Crispin Freeman, and Tony Oliver!

You might know her from Dragon Ball Z Abridged as Bulma or Hellsing Abridged as Integra, but she makes her appearance here adding flavour to the fleet!

Angel on my Shoulder
Angel on my Shoulder

Russian by birth, American by residence… Angel by occupation! This nameless figure spends her days working on costumes, causing chaos in online games and… as is the case here, occasionally lending her voice to those in need of an angel. She appears mainly through PvE Operations.


When I was in dire need of another actress to spread the workload of my already tired fleet of hard-working VAs, MissShadowLovely took up the call and saved this mod from over-stress!

When not working on one of her spooky storytime videos or her ASMR, she can be found here as your Carrier Dive-bombers and lending a hand in a few PvE Operations!


Future wife of Mermaid's Wrath's very own MagpiePony, the pair frequently work together and as individuals. When not lurking behind Magpie in the recording booth, she can be found reading fanfictions, creepypastas, and all manner of voiced dialogue.

She also does several spot-on MLP character impressions, but tonight she's on the high seas, helping you and your fleetmates!


A recent addition to the fleet, Magpie does a LOT of work within the MLP community alongside TheLostNarrator. She also dabbles in the visual arts when not working on more audible mediums, her shadow box work is as exquisite as her voice!

Speaking of which, listen for her in the received Quick Commands!


Be careful when approaching this young lady, she's easily startled by loud noises and things that go bump in the night! Best known for her Stream 'n Scream series, she's currently on hiatus for medical reasons owing to being spooked all the time.

But any master of a craft needs practice from time to time, so miss spin-to-win did me a favour and voiced the title carrier in Operation “Raptor Rescue”.

Angela Lorenzana
Angela Lorenzana

Best known for her work on PixelFade's Visual Novels; Ace Academy as Valerie Belle and Crystalline's Pango, the cutest ball of slime this side of Terra~! When not doing her occasional side job voicing visual novels, Angela can be found whipping up covers of popular anime and Vocaloid tunes!

Angela Lorenzana
Angela Lorenzana

Yes... THAT Tiffany Grant! Best known for her roles as Asuka Langley Soryu in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Laura Bodewig in Infinite Stratos, Marta from Full Metal Alchemist... I seriously don&t have enough room to drop her entire résumé here!

In addition to being an absolute legend within the anime dubbing community, she also fluently speaks German! Tiffany joins our armada of talent with an eerily familiar voice in the form of some tsundere quick command responses and (soon) as various roles in PvE Operations!

What went wrong?
How can you help?

Wanna help out but don't have a sultry or cute voice of an angel? You can help us afford those that do! In this business, every penny helps and is appreciated~!

Support Mermaid's Wrath on Patreon

At the moment we’re looking for distributors on the RU and SEA servers, people who we can trust to duplicate this information onto the other servers without incident.

Leave us a comment or like in the official thread on the WoWS forums!